Real Cedar Timbers

Western Red Cedar Timbers

In terms of architectural prowess, few building materials have as much beautifying muscle as exposed Real Cedar beams. These timbers can give instant street cred to industrial-chic lofts, add rustic charm to chalet-inspired decor, compliment clean lines in ultra-modern settings and highlight the classical elegance of a traditional home. But Real Cedar timber isn’t just easy on the eyes. It also boasts renowned structural characteristics, making it the ideal building material for landscape design, construction as well as all those aforementioned indoor applications. Here’s why:

Design Flexibility

In addition to interior enhancement, Western Red Cedar can be used in engineered structures including commercial, industrial and residential buildings. In general, though, applications can be classified into two broad groups: First, structures such as large buildings in which both the strength and appearance of exposed wood are of equal importance; and second, in landscape, park and garden structures where appearance is paramount.

Dependable Durability

If properly finished and maintained, Real Cedar can deliver decades of trouble-free service. That’s because the western red cedar species is blessed with an abundance of superior physical properties including greater resistance to warping, twisting, rot, decay and insect attacks. Cedar is also more flame-retistent than most woods. Which is why it can be used for interior building applications where other woods would not be permitted.

Proven Longevity

Real Cedar Timbers IndoorHistorically, native peoples of the Pacific Northwest have prized western red cedar for its long lasting qualities and therefore used it for most of their building needs. So if you’re looking for hard evidence of cedar’s inherent ability to withstand the rigors of time and weather, you needn’t look any further than the many Aboriginal cedar artifacts that are still in good condition today.

Greater Workability

With its straight grain and uniform texture, western red cedar is among the easiest and most rewarding woods to work with. A consummate professional, Real Cedar also takes fasteners without splitting and is easily sawn and nailed. And since it’s pitch and resin-free, Real Cedar has an amazing ability to hold a wide range of finishes. Plus, Real Cedar’s low density enhances its insulation value and makes it an easy wood to transport and handle.