Western Red Cedar Doors & Windows

Using Real Cedar for Doors & Windows

cedar door and sidingNever underestimate the visual impact of natural wood doors and windows. They can play a big part in adding character to a home. The organic beauty of a Real Cedar exterior door, for example, creates a harmonious connection between a home’s interior and outdoor space. As well, the rich undertones of a Real Cedar door can make a warm and inviting first impression to visitors. As for interior doorways, a Real Cedar trimmed entrance can define, without disrupting, the tone of individual rooms.

Likewise, Real Cedar windows can do a lot to augment your home’s style and synergy. Be it bay, arched or picture window, a Real Cedar frame will significantly enrich the engagement between an interior space and the view outside.

Bonus: Real Cedar timber boasts remarkably fine and stable grain structure. Which means it won’t warp or twist, ensuring years of reliable operation from your windows and doors.